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Financial dominatrix

financial mistress

financial goddess


Humiliation mistress


About your Mistress

Passionate About humiliating slaves physical ,verbal and financial.

Your ebony  Mistress  beautiful well-spoken all-round Mistres sadist and experienced.

Goddess has been in this lifestyle  for about  11 years.

Im not into so-called 'time wasters'. i have a nose for it i do immediately recognized you as a seasoned mistress.

Do not expect long conversations and whatsapp messages, especially if you havend  pay Goddess for that attention.

If you contact Mistress, it should  be short and powerfull.

Favorites slaves money slaves, money slave, humiliation slaves, sissy slaves, humiliating slave,verbally, physically, financially.

Hu,iliation verbal / physical / financial.

All serious slaves are welcome, even with no experience.

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